Intimate dinner party – a turnkey option

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Intimate dinner party – a turnkey option

Do you love to host, have a space, but don't want to cook?

Imagine hosting a dinner party where your only responsibility is enjoying a fantastic meal in the company of your guests. With shopping, cooking, serving, and cleanup meticulously planned and executed by an experienced personal chef.

We have several private chefs who are partnering with Friends with Forks to make your vision come to life!

Chef Katie Cellucci (Mangia Kitchen) has over15 years professional experience in the culinary arts and has worked with us already.

A Note From Chef Katie Cellucci
My whole world has always centered around food.

It's something we need, but every meal should be something we want. There are few feelings that compare to seeing someone take their first bite; the joy, surprise, comfort, delight, satisfaction - it gives me satisfaction every time.

Chef Katie Cellucci graduated from South Shore Vocational Technical High School in 2009 after completing a four year culinary program. She continued her education at Johnson and Wales, receiving her Associates in Culinary Arts & Science.

Chef Eva.  Eva is the chef and owner of Spoondrift Kitchen, a personal chef service based in Portland, Maine. She uses food as a vessel to create community and ritual in our lives. Her cooking highlights ingredients that are locally sourced and shine in their simplicity.

Eva cooks as a way to tell stories -- inspired by her many travels, ancestors, the farmers who grow the ingredients. Join Eva at the table for a collective experience that nourishes, inspires, and connects.

How it works:

  • You pick the date and theme
  • Decide how many guests you can accommodate
  • Discuss the chosen chef what menu you want to have.

Friends with Forks will take care of all the guest logistics and they will do the rest!




  • Pick the type of event you want to do,
  • Pick the date,
  • Decide how many guest you can accommodate.
  • Provide the space and food.
  • We set up the event for you!

Of course not! Your dinner event can be fancy and gourmet or down home and simple. Your choice!

For now, about a 30 minute drive from Portland.

Yes! We take care of posting the dinner event, managing ticket sales, communicating the directions, etc. 

As a host, all you have to do is pick the date, the theme and the number of guests. We do everything else. 

Two weeks minimum is usually best. You also can pick a date several weeks in advance.

Yes. You decide how much everything will cost you and Dinner Mates will fold that into the ticket price so you get reimbursed. 

Anything you want! The sky is the limit! It is YOUR party!

It depends on what kind of an event you want to host. Some events lend themselves to Sunday afternoon (Crepe party) or Friday night. (Wine Tasting Party) but you decide. Weekends usually work best but a week night can work too. 

Yes! We encourage you to do this together!

Absolutely! We are all set up to accept donations and will send them to your chosen 501c3 charity. 

Click on the link and fill out the form. Dinner Mates will get your event set up ASAP

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While waiting, feel free to try out any event as a guest!

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