Trudy Bird's Ølbar

Wednesday, April 10th



A unique neighborhood beer bar with a focus on
Danish inspired opened-face sandwiches, craft beer, Aquavit, wine, and more!

It all started with a love for beer and came in to fruition after a trip to Scandinavia

From the owners:

"Back in 2017 we made a trek to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We finished our trip in Copenhagen and while there, we made a stop at the Torvehallerne KBH food market where we stumbled upon Hallernes Smørrebrød. The food stand was packed so we knew it was a “must try.” The open-faced sandwiches were not only visually appealing, but they were also down-right delicious. Everywhere a Smørrebrød was spotted, it was almost always accompanied by either a beer or Aquavit or BOTH!

It was during this trip that a lightbulb went off and Trudy Bird’s started to come to life."

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Recent Reviews on Google:

"This restaurant makes me so happy. The staff wrap you up in their good vibes and make you feel like a part of their family every time you enter. The food is prepared and served with clear care and attention, but it doesn’t just look good!! The flavor blends are totally on point, unique but somehow familiar and oh, so good. It really is the bees knees!"

"Scandinavian at its best. So different from anything we've had in the Portland area. Don't hesitate to give it a try. You won't be disappointed."

"The food in unique. Who knew Scandinavian food was so good."

"Wow. Just delicious! What a great find. I am telling everyone I can that they need to head to Trudy Bird's."

My spouse had the Frikadeller. I was allocated a single bite, which was delicious. I'm usually able to snag a few more bites, but she clung on to that plate like it was her deserted island dish. We will be back and will eventually taste everything Trudy Bird's has to offer. We can't wait.

Wonderfully presented, extremely flavorful and tasty Norwegian food and drinks in a simple, clean well appointed dining area. Can't wait to go back and try some other yummy!!



This upcoming event won't be our normal typical prix fixe meal; instead, attendees will have the freedom to choose their preferred dishes from their diverse menu with separate checks.

Here is a link to their menu: (they are adding more vegetarian and GF options soon)

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