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These Friends with Forks Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”) are between Friends with Forks LLC and Members.  This Agreement governs access to and the use of the Friends with Forks website and all services offered thereon.

Friends with Forks is a program which provides its members with access to live and virtual events and other activities.

  1. Member Accounts

To become a Member you must pay Friends with Forks yearly membership dues. You will be locked in at the price you joined with, for as long as you are a member in good standing.

Your account will be automatically billed each year. Billing cycles annual. No refunds will be given after the payment has been made for the year.

Each membership is valid only for the person who signed up, it cannot be used by another person. If you are joining as a couple, each person has to purchase a separate membership.

Once you join, you will be given access to the private area of the website when you can sign up for events and have access to other offers and information including cancelling your membership.

Age . To attend the Friends with Forks events, you must be at least 21 years old unless otherwise stated for a particular event.

  1. Cancellation and Refunds

Tickets are non refundable. However if you are unable to attend an event because you are sick or other COVID related reasons, you must notify us as soon as possible. We will try our best to sell your seat and give you a credit for the price of the ticket, to be redeemed towards a future event. However, if you alert us less than 24 hours  before event, you will not get a refund or a credit.

  1. Termination

Members can terminated at any time, Once a member terminates their membership, they will be allowed to remain in the membership until their term runs out. At that point, their access will cease immediately and will not be allowed to use promotional codes, the membership website, and will be deleted from the community app. All members are welcome to rejoin the membership at any time, but they will have to join at the current price of the membership.

No solicitation of any kind is allowed. Friends with Forks may cancel or suspend a Members Account if payment has not been made when due. If any member engages in any activity that is harmful to other Friends with Forks members, or Restaurant Partners, Friends with Forks can cancel or suspend a member's account with or without notice.

  1. Recording Events

Diners and their Guests consent to Friends with Forks right to take photographs and/or video and audio recordings at Events and consent to the use of such photographs, video footage and audio footage from such Events for promotional purposes on the Friends with Forks Website, social media, or any other marketing purposes.

Refer to the full licensing agreement for details

  1. Basis for Agreement

The Licensor has developed methods for establishing, operating and promoting businesses engaged in the business of Social Food Club using the service mark and related trade names and trademarks (the "Marks"), the Friends with Forks platform (the “Platform”) and the Licensor's proprietary methods of doing business (the "Licensed Methods"). The Licensor grants the right to others to develop and operate a Friends with Forks Chapter under the Marks and pursuant to the Licensed Methods.

The Licensee desires to become a Friends with Forks Ambassador for their community at a location/s identified herein or to be later identified, and the Licensor desires to grant the Licensee the Friends with Forks Chapter at such location under the terms and conditions which are contained in this Agreement.

Ambassador acknowledges that they are entering into a pilot program for Friends with Forks Ambassadors, and willing to participate in the expansion and growth of the brand. Ambassador understands that the terms and Licensing Methods of this program might change as we move forward.

This document was updated 07/04/23


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