Sunday, April 7th



This restaurant got such great reviews from our first dinner there, that we return agai!

Authentic Italian cuisine–fresh from the farm and the sea and prepared from the heart by the winner of both the 1992 Best Young Chef in Italy and 2008 Pesto World Championship awards. An authentic Italian communal meal.

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Solo Italiano Authentic serves Northern Italian Cuisine with a Genovese Touch.

This is a fabulous Italian restaurant in the heart of Old Port. It is a wonderful place to eat together as a group, so that you can sample a variety of dishes.

The big corner space on Commercial Street has seen many restaurants come and go over the past several years, but it’s never seen anything like chef Paolo Laboa. “Paolo is the real deal”



We're thrilled to announce that our upcoming event will offer a unique dining experience. It won't be our normal typical prix fixe meal; instead, attendees will have the freedom to choose their preferred dishes from their diverse menu, and all the food will be shared.

To embrace the spirit of a traditional Italian meal in Italy, all the dishes will be served family-style!


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