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Break Bread • Make Friends • Build Community

What is Dinner Mates?

Dinner Mates launched in January 2020 in New York City. Their mission was to make friends and build community over sharing a meal in our neighborhoods. Dinner Mates took off like a rocket! All the events sold out. Then, the unexpected happened...

The pandemic has made many of us feel physically isolated. In response to the isolation, Dinner Mates pivoted to virtual events for a while. But Dinner Mates was meant to be an off-line experience.  They are starting to do in person events in Portland, ME and are all selling out! They are excited to set up the first West Coast Dinner Mates in Seattle!

Join our waitlist and be the first to know when we have our first event in Seattle! Come have a drink, share a meal, learn about wines, foods and about each other.

Be part of a communal dining experience.

Why Seattle?

Kaitlyn Jindra is a personal chef and the founder of holsem, an organic meal delivery service for busy families. Originally from New York, Kaitlyn moved to Seattle in 2019, just a few months before the pandemic was in full swing - which really put a damper on her plan to meet new people and create a deep sense of community in her new city.

It is through her passion of food, hospitality and her desire for community that she jumped at the opportunity to make Dinner Mates bi-coastal.

"I always had the concept for a community-based dining experience in my mind. However, I thought it would be a passion project for my fifties and that it would require a large investment for a commercial space. The opportunity to take Dinner Mates bi-coastal electrified me because it can happen NOW, and I think what people need right now MORE THAN EVER is community and a sense of belonging.

Founder Laurel Chiten's idea for Dinner Mates is simply brilliant and I am excited to bring it to Seattle!"

The Founders Story

Laurel Chiten was an award winning independent filmmaker and made films for over 30 years. (Blind Dog Films) She was also a foodie and lived in Manhattan.

One summer day in 2019, she walked into a restaurant and I had a vision of people in her neighborhood sitting around a table eating together.

That was it! The idea of Dinner Mates was born! She dropped her film career, made a 180 degree turn to make this dream come to life.

She made films because she wanted to move people, to create impact and bring audiences together over a topic or an issue and get them talking with one another.

She brings that same passion and sensibility to Dinner Mates-- to bring people together, to make a difference in our personal lives, and our world. Her dream is to have Dinner Mates spread around the world.

Dinner Mates mission is: Make friends, build community over food.

One meal at a time.

ox Laurel

Our Mission. Our Passion.

People are more connected than ever before, yet spending more time alone.

And let's face it, eating alone is no fun.

Dinner Mates strives to bring people together face to face, eat great food
and meet like minded people in our neighborhoods.

We believe we can build a vibrant community around the dinner table!



Want to try out that new restaurant on the corner but don't want to go by yourself?



Are you tired of eating in isolation? Ready to get out and meet your neighbors again?



Hungry for some spicy conversation with like minded folk?

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