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Panion Instructions


Here are the basics for getting yourself set up and started. More features and instructions will be added soon.

Setting up your account

Panion app can be used on both mobile and desktop, on Android and iphone, PC and MAC.

To use on any mobile device, download the PANION app from the app store. (it is free)

NOTE: You do not have to have the mobile app to use Panion

To set up your account, you can use desktop or mobile.

Click on the link that was sent to your email.

It will send you to Join Friends with Forks. Here is where you set up your account.

Enter your first and last name, your email and create a password.

Click the blue button SIGN UP.

If you already have an account, click on the "I already have an account" link and sign in with your email and password. 

Next you will see this screen. 

Check your email to find the code 

Copy the code and add it.

Next, you will see your email has been verified. Now you have to Accept the Terms and Conditions

Answer the simple entry questions.

Congratulations! Your account is now set up!



Setting up your profile

Check for your welcome email. Click on "Create your first post". You don't need to create a post but this gets you to the login page. 

Log into your account. 

Your profile page will look like this

Next you want to personalize your profile. On desktop, go to your dashboard and click on profile in the dropdown menu. 

On Mobile, it looks like this:

Upload your profile photo

Your headline. Write a short description of yourself

Tags. A tag shows your interests. Choose as many as you want

You can edit this info at any time

On desktop, go to your dashboard and go to settings

On the settings page you can change your password, etc. 

On mobile, it will look like this:

Go to notifications. Here you can choose the notifications you want to receive on your phone. 


You also have to enable notifications on your phone. Make sure you click "allow notifications" on the Panion app 


Now that you have a profile set up, you are ready to search for the other Friends with Forks members!

Searching is easy. 

Go to the member directory

You can search by name, or by common interests (tags)


Or you can search in the search bar


Once you find the person you are looking for, you can easily send them a message!  

They should get a notification on their phone that you sent them a message. Once they get the message, they can write back!

Troubleshooting and more

If you are on desktop and see this on your screen, do not panic. Just expand your screen size

and you should automatically see the log in screen

Having any issues? Don't struggle. 

Write to me at:

Explain your issue, and if you can, send me a screengrab of the problem. 

Become a Friends with Forks Ambassador


Thank you for your curiosity!

Join the Friends with Forks Community

Thank you for joining the 

Friends with Forks Community

Dinner Mates Club 

Get notified as soon as enrollment opens up again


Thank you!

That's it for now.

While waiting, feel free to try out any event as a guest!

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