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A mandatory training and support program for Dinner Mates Ambassadors

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Ambassador Academy Learning Center

Access to a multi course learning center for all Ambassadors

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Unlimited ability to submit questions via email for support. Response time within 48 hours

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As needed, one on one live support calls via zoom

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Group discussion/support sessions

On-going group support sessions with other Ambassadors

Grow with us

Grow with us

Get in on the ground floor and help build an Ambassador program together. 

Meet your Founder!

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Laurel Chiten


Laurel Chiten was an award winning independent filmmaker for over 30 years (Blind Dog Films). She was also a foodie and lived in Manhattan.

One summer day in 2019, she walked into a restaurant around from where she lived, and  had a vision of people in her neighborhood sitting around a table eating together.

That was it! The idea of Dinner Mates was born! She dropped her film career, made a 180 degree turn to make this dream come to life. It took off like a rocket.

But when the pandemic hit, Dinner Mates took a pause. During the pandemic Laurel moved to Portland ME and started up Dinner Mates again. 

Dinner Mates was created to bring people together, to make a difference in our personal lives, and our world.

Our mission is: Break Bread, Make Friends, Build Community.

One meal at a time.

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