Do you have a speciality dish?

Lead a virtual cooking class with us!

How are we different?

We are not just another livestream cooking platform.

The mission of Dinner Mates is to make friends and build community. therefore, both in-person and virtual, focus on participants getting to meet and know each other.

The events are uniquely structured to be interactive, personal and intimate.

How does it work?

  • Pick WHAT you want to teach, the date and the time

  • Provide a list of ingredients, the recipe and other details and tips.

  • We promote the event and sell tickets from our website.

  • You get paid!

Why partner with Dinner Mates?

  • Make extra revenue with little overhead

  • We promote you on our website, social media and email.

  • Promote your restaurant

  • Join the Dinner Mates network and data base.

  • Become listed as a 'chef for hire' with our partnering website

  • Collect endorsements and testimonials.

  • You can sell your books/merchandise on our website. (coming soon)

  • Because it is fun!


We will introduce new people to your restaurant. We do all the marketing for you and take care of the logistics. We post about you on social media, emails, etc. 

No! Because it is virtual, you can live any place in the world. However, most of our following is in the USA so you will have to accommodate to those time zones. 

Heck no! As long as you know how to teach.

Dinner Mates does a revenue share with the presenting chefs. It is a 60/40 split (Dinner Mates/chef). The ticket prices are usually $20/USD. We can accommodate as many people as you want. 

We will pay you via venmo, paypal, or any way that is best for you to receive money electronically.

Weeknights around 5-6pm eastern time work best or Sunday afternoon or evening.


All our dinner events are set up as fundraisers. We have a separate donate option on our ticketing platform.

We can set up your dinner to raise funds for any cause you want to support.

It is best to teach something that takes up to an hour to make so that attendees can sit down and eat together during the event. 


No. You can pick any recipe you want. If you have vegetarian/Vegan/GF options that is great, but you don't have to. 


Usually they run 1.5 hours from start to finish. 

Ideally you will need a computer (laptop, so you can set up in the kitchen) a smartphone, a decent mic source, and good internet connection. We will give you instructions for how to set up, and do a tech check in advance. 

Absolutely! We can make it a regular event, weekly/monthly or whatever works best! 

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While waiting, feel free to try out any event as a guest!

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