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FRIENDS WITH FORKS is looking to partner with local chefs-- both professional and non professional -- to create intimate and unique food experiences for our members.
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No. While we are looking for professional chefs, we are also open to working with skilled and creative cooks who just love working with food. 

You do need to have experience cooking for a group and have the skills (and passion) to create delicious food. 

We work with you to decide on a set price per person. 

You will get paid by whatever method you prefer! (Venmo, Check, Paypal, etc)

The events are in private homes, and/or other indoor and outside venues. 

We have been focusing on the Greater Portland area, but can expand to other areas up to an hour away. 

Yes! We take care of creating and posting the dinner event, promoting and managing ticket sales,  etc. 


We are looking to book chefs every month for the entire year! From 3 weeks to 12 months away. 

Yes and no. You can pick any foods you want to serve. If you have vegetarian/Vegan/GF options that is great, but you don't have to. 

No. We are open to work with visiting chefs from anywhere! We just need you to be able to be here for the prep and the event. 

We might be able to provide accommodations. 

Just fill out this intake form and we will reach out to you! Check out the booking calendar above for available dates.

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